Saucer War Game

Wed, Nov 23rd, 2016

Screenshot of Saucer War game

Screenshot of Saucer War game

Growing up in the 80's my brother and I played TI Invaders on our Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. This game was a clone of Space Invaders which at that time, was a very popular arcade game. Earlier this year I thought it would be neat to program my own game reminiscent of TI Invaders. So I programmed a game I called Saucer War. It's very similar to TI Invaders, but has enemy saucers instead of a block of aliens moving down the screen trying to destroy you. I coded the game using the Python programming language. I used the Pygame library which made things relatively easier. Of all the resources I used, the most helpful were the tutorials on the website If you always wanted to program your own video game, I highly recommend this site as a first step.

View the source code for the game at my GitHub repository found here: Saucer War Repo

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