Playing Kaboom

Game Play

As a TextBlock falls, type the word or phrase on the TextBlock to blow it up and score points. If you blow up a text block, you score one point for each character the word or phrase contained. Typing a correct word or pressing the enter key clears letters from the typing area. If 24 TextBlocks land or the height of the TextBlock stack is heigher than the red triangle markers near the top of the game window, the game is over.

Selecting Word Category

Choose Different Word Categories

By opening the Options menu, different word categories can be selected. If you find that the default category is a little too difficult, try picking a different category.

Blowup Words by typing Kaboom

Typing Kaboom

For difficult words or phrases, you may type KABOOM to blowup any falling TextBlocks. However, by using this feature you loose points. The points lost is equal to half the number of characters blown up. Judicious use of the Kaboom feature allows for extended game play.

Download Kaboom Typer

Kaboom Typer is for Windows computers only. It has been tested on both 32 bit and 64 bit computers. To play Kaboom Typer download the compressed file (a zip file), decompress it, and double click on the application file, KaboomTyper.exe. I am making this software available free of charge. I take no responsibility for any problems you may attribute to the use of this software. Use at your own risk.


Source Code

I programmed this game using the C++ programming language. Feel free to checkout the source code at my repository on GitHub. Originally, I named the game Speed Typer, but later discovered that name was already used by a typing game.

View Source Code